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He had signs of a common cold, but he was well until his died. I had to record the cause of death as ascertained. There is nothing to say any of these things contributed but it could have. I could tell it was a loving warm family address. Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at webnews metro. For more stories like this, check our news page. To say I am disappointed in this book is an understatement.

The characters lacked depth, the First the positives The characters lacked depth, the storyline jumped from one situation to another with no backstory. Living on the streets for twelve months until a Private Investigator finds her. It appeared her father left a trust for her but she has to battle it out in court to retain what is rightfully hers. Then attends her apartment to let her know the stepmother has died, kisses her and returns for dinner and they live happily ever after. KL Donn please read some good authors books and learn how to write a better book.

I noticed almost every review on Amazon was five star and I am flabbergasted as to what book these people read. I wish you luck in your journey of growth as an author. Aug 25, Sassy Southern rated it really liked it. Onyx, a detective, sticks to his strict way of life that revolves around order and strategy. And it serves him well in his job where the slightest slip could cost him his life or that of others. Nothing has shaken his control, until now. Grace is anything but controlled. She's klutzy and knows it, not to mention she's shy, which is fine when she's sequestered herself in her apartment.

It's safer there. And as her stepmom likes to remind her, Grace isn't exactly a leading expert in people. When the Onyx, a detective, sticks to his strict way of life that revolves around order and strategy. When their paths cross in a park at night, Grace should be terrified, but she's not. Onyx should want nothing to do with the woman who's lost in so many ways, but that's not the case. As they get to know one another, Onyx realizes that beneath the innocence that shines out of her, she's got more strength then she knows.

As for Grace, in Onyx she finds a shield that protects her from anything that dares to cause her harm, but he's even more careful of her fragile heart and wants to win it for himself. Can these two find a common ground aside from the instant feeling of finding what neither knew they were searching for?

  • Dad woke up to find baby dead in his arms after falling asleep with him on sofa;
  • ShieldSquare Captcha.

Will Grace find the strength to move forward and let her past go? Can Onyx let go of his carefully controlled life without compromising who he is? Is a HEA possible? One-click now and follow along as two people, seemingly opposite in all ways, find something in one another that bridges any gap. I love that Onyx helped Grace see herself as he did. She'd been so beaten down by her stepmother, and for so long, that she'd begun to believe it.

Onyx though, and her love for him, helped her see she was so much more than she'd been told. As for Onyx, though he was all about control, Grace and his love for her was something he couldn't stop from happening and he didn't hesitate to accept it. I look forward to the next in the series. Aug 16, Carol Dawn rated it it was amazing Shelves: alpha-male , virgins , insta-love , romance , books-that-stay-with-you , insta-lust , my-favorite-series , arc , super-sweet-romance , police-officers. Oh…My…Fairy tale… I loved this book.

I read a ton of them. And by that.. I mean every single one I can get my sticky fingers on. I may have a problem. If you have read this authors previous work you can clearly see her shinning through. She keeps true to herself no matter if shes writing her dark romance or this lighter romance.

I could pick this book up without her name on the cover and by the time I was finished I could most likely have guessed it was a KL book. Not just dark, but full of angst and so many roller coaster emotions. This is the perfect book to just sit back and take a nice big breath and relax. I fell in love with both Onyx and Grace.

Grace Hawthorne grew up lonely, often put down by her step mother and told she had no life skills to take care of herself in the real world. When she gets lost in the city, she never expected to find the one man who could make her feel safe. Police detective Onyx Inwood enjoys rules and order. When he sees a young woman looking lost and scared on the street Grace Hawthorne grew up lonely, often put down by her step mother and told she had no life skills to take care of herself in the real world.

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When he sees a young woman looking lost and scared on the street he feels an instant need to protect and care for her. This novella is a tale of opposites attract as Onyx and Grace instantly fall in love. This author typically creates extremely memorable stories and characters and I missed that in this book.

I felt like the relationship moved too quickly, even for the insta love trope. Aug 21, Lauren rated it it was amazing Shelves: short-story , insta-love , fast-paced , older-guy-younger-woman , policeoffficer , shy-heroine , arc , modern-day-fairytale.

Safe in his arms is short, fast paced and a sweet read. This story is a bit like a modern day Cinderella but without the stepsisters. I devoured this story within half an hour and desperately wanted more. I wish this book were longer! But that is just me being greedy. I loved Grace. I found her clumsiness endearing. I really liked Onyx and wanted to steal him away and keep him for myself!

I liked that as Safe in his arms is short, fast paced and a sweet read. I liked that as soon as he saw or should I say.. Smelt Grace, he knew she was the one for him. The chemistry between them was instant and I loved them as a couple. I really liked how protective Onyx was of Grace, I loved their story. The epilogue for this story is super sweet. I liked seeing Onyx and Grace as parents. The storyline for this book is easy to follow and it is a sweet read.

I cannot wait for more from this series. Aug 26, Leslee rated it it was amazing. Gracie is just like Rapunzel, locked away from the world and terrorized by her stepmother to be terrified of the outside. She finally gets her freedom even though it involves getting tossed out onto the street at age eighteen. Luckily, she loses her way and stumbles into the arms of Officer Onyx Inwood. Onyx is mesmerized by the petite girl and knows he has found the one.

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Will they get their happily ever after? This is my first book by K. Donn but it won't be my last! This tale is totally swoon Gracie is just like Rapunzel, locked away from the world and terrorized by her stepmother to be terrified of the outside. This tale is totally swoon-worthy! Onyx is yummy, big and strong, totally a knight in shining armor. If anyone ever needed protecting it is Grace Hawthorne. This was such a sexy and romantic novella, I quite simply fell in love with these characters. I cannot wait to read more by this fabulously talented author!

All the stars for Safe, in His Arms! Aug 17, Hazel Harkins rated it it was amazing. Krystal has a knack for instalove and she has definitely brought her A game to this sweet book. Onyx Inwood is a sweet alpha who knows what he wants and how he'll go about getting it. When it comes to Grace Hawthorne he knew she was his the moment he caught sight of her. Grace Hawthorne has never known confidence but when she meets a big scary man in the park she feels nothing but safe in his arms and forgets her fear of the outside world. This book is filled with the love a man feels for his woman Krystal has a knack for instalove and she has definitely brought her A game to this sweet book.

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This book is filled with the love a man feels for his woman and his protective instincts take over and he knows she is his and he will do whatever it takes to make her is and will never let her go. As these two build a life and family together their love for each other is a sight to behold.

Onyx still has to continue protecting Grace from her klutzy ways but does it with such gentleness you can't help but fall in love with him. Oct 28, Tracie Simister rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc. As a detective in NYPD that has suited him well in love not so much. Loved the way the characters related and the attraction between was well described. Aug 22, Sandra rated it really liked it Shelves: posted-reviews. After reading some heavier and longer books lately this quick insta-love story was just what I needed.

It was really sweet with really sexy scenes. Grace did not have a great life when her father passed away and she had to live with her wicked stepmother. She was kicked out at 18 and after being isolated for most of her life she was scared to be out there in the real world. One day she is in the park and she was lost, literally and emotionally. In swoops in NYPD detective Onyx Inwood, a very p After reading some heavier and longer books lately this quick insta-love story was just what I needed.

In swoops in NYPD detective Onyx Inwood, a very possessive, protective alpha, he sees Grace and declares she is his and nothing was going to stop him. I really enjoyed this story, I would have like to see more of them together but I'm happy with the HEA. This insta love novella was cute, it was sweet and a little bit steamy.

Onyx is a cop. Grace is a young girl with a sad background. Could Onyx be the fairy tale she has been waiting for all her life? This couple burns the pages with their instant connection. I thought they were both fun, sweet characters. This book was super quick to read but I enjoyed it. I would have loved more to the sto 4. I would have loved more to the story because I did not want it to end!

If your looking for a quick steamy read, I highly recommend. Aug 17, Lynne Garlick rated it it was amazing. Be still my beating heart!! As a woman who grew up reading fairy tales and hoping one day I would get my Prince, this ticked every box. Of course the fairy tales I read now are a lot hotter Sales men should pay attention to this sign before they ask for a decision. If this gesture is accompanied by stroking the chin decision-making , we are ready for the next step.

The fingers cover the mouth. Cover or Shyness The hand shall hide is socially undesirable gestures such as yawns or giggles. Explanation Covering the mouth is often used as an indicator for lies. This is mostly true for young children. When growing up, we learn to hide our uncertainty and to avoid this gesture. Often the person feels obligated to say something, but would rather not. Then the answer is delayed.

Always remove your hand from the mouth when speaking. One or both hands touch the heart or chest. Explanation Moving the hands to the chest shall demonstrate sincerity. The gesture is easy to fake and it may be used consciously — for example by sales man. You can not draw any conclusions about truthfulness from this gesture. The legs are crossed and one knee points in a direction. Interest The person is interested in the person pointed at. Explanation Our knee shows the direction the person is attracted to. The attraction may be towards a person, an object or an exit. Hands or fingers are rubbed together.

Anticipation The person expects a joyful event. Explanation When doing this gesture, we look forward to something. Often, the look is unfocused for a moment, as if the person imagines the event. Caution: Strong rubbing may also mean that the person is cold or under stress. The person pulls the collar away from the throat. Stress or Anger or Constriction The person is emotionally heated.

Explanation This gesture is more commonly observed in men. Women may throw back their hair to let the neck breathe. The Stretch is often associated with lies. As if the untruth causes an itch or the difficulty to breath. The person massages and squeezes the neck. Stress The person feels uncomfortable. Explanation This gesture is self-soothing. The largest nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system resides around the stimulated area. This nerve lowers the heart rate when stimulated. The hand strokes the chin. Insecurity The person needs time to consider the facts.

Explanation The intensity of the strike makes a difference. Repeated strokes with heavy pressure indicate stress; soft strokes show insecurity. Possibly, the person is faced with a decision and tries make out the right answer. The hands are folded and pressed against the body. Anger or Concern The negative feelings are compensated by strong embracing oneself. Explanation There are three different positions: hands in front of the face, hands placed on the table or hands in front of the crotch. The higher the hands are held, the stronger the signal. The person shakes hands with someone else.

Greeting, Farewell or Completion There are three different kinds of handshakes: The dominant palm facing down — upper hand , The equal palm perpendicular and The humble palms facing up — underhand. Explanation In the past, management books recommended the dominant handshake. Today, this behavior is deemed too aggressive.

Therefore the equal handshake is preferred. Thus, the status shown is higher. Impatience The person wants to be somewhere else or is under time pressure. Frustration The person would like to interrupt the person speaking. Explanation The non-verbal sound sends a clear signal of frustration. The louder and faster the knocking, the more the person feels stress. Change the subject or end the conversation. The head is slightly tilted forward. Disapproval The person has a critical, judgmental attitude about the other person or the current topic.

Explanation How long the head is tilted and the context provide changes the meaning of this gesture: the longer the stare, the more disapproval. A critical look over the reading glasses, reminds of a teacher and may be intimidating. One or two hands hold on to a desk or chair. Insecurity The person feels uncomfortable and seeks protection. Explanation We cling to objects when we seek protection. They serve as a barrier and holding on keeps our hands under control.

At the same time, this gesture takes the freedom to move. This gesture should be avoided in presentations, so the speaker remains flexible. The body is open and leans back relaxed. Self-confidence The person is relaxed and feels good. We open ourselves, if we have nothing to fear and feel confident. The head rests on the hand.

Disinterest or Boredom or Fatigue The head rests on the hand and the person does not follow anymore. Explanation This pose shows that the person has no interest in the topic anymore. The more the head is supported, the stronger this sign is. The hands are in the pockets and the thumbs are visible. Sovereignty and Self-confidence The person has a high status. Sexuality The person is looking for a partner. Explanation The visible thumbs indicate dominance and sovereignty, no matter if the hand disappears in your pocket or holds the lapel.

This gesture is a common sign that someone feels comfortable. It may also indicate low status, if the thumb disappears in the pocket.

Gestures showing a low status should be to be avoided — especially by persons in executive positions. The eyes focus in multiple imaginary triangles. Overload The person is tired and overwhelmed by the situation. Explanation Our brain reacts to unpleasant situations by looking away or closing eyes. By avoiding eye contact, the mind selects which information is perceived and which gets discarded. A person can recover and get back into the situation by fading out the environment. The body leans back and the crotch is clearly visible. Explanation The presentation of the crotch is an act of dominance and challenges the other.

At the same time, it is a sexual signal that is deemed inappropriate in most cultures. The finger tips touch and the hands and form a triangle. Interest The person listens closely, yet preserves a professional distance.

Back in His Arms Again

Explanation There are two forms of the Roof. If the fingers point upwards, the person is probably speaking. If they are pointing downwards the person is listening. Women often use the gesture around the waist level. Body language trainers recommended this pose to people who have trouble positioning their hands. German Chancellor Angela Merkel often poses like this in photos. The hands touch the hip, while all fingers are visible in the front. Dominance and Aggression The person has no fear and claims authority.

Explanation This posture makes the person appear wider. It comes across as aggressive and should only be used rarely. Yet, the gesture emphasizes authority. If the fingers and thumbs point downwards, the meaning is weakened. The person crouches with the shoulders pulled up. Insecurity and Fear The person has little self-confidence and does not want to attract attention. Explanation We make ourselves small, avoid eye contact and limit our movements to a minimum, if we want to appear invisible.

The head is protected by this shrunk posture. This gesture appears mostly with people who have low self-esteem. For example, shoplifters or ill-prepared speakers exhibit this body language.

Back In His Arms Back In His Arms
Back In His Arms Back In His Arms
Back In His Arms Back In His Arms
Back In His Arms Back In His Arms
Back In His Arms Back In His Arms
Back In His Arms Back In His Arms
Back In His Arms Back In His Arms
Back In His Arms Back In His Arms

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